2020 Forms



When registering a new minor driver for the first time you MUST provide a, Birth Certificate, Passport or State ID as proof of age. (We will accept a copy)

Any minor under the age of 18 entering any H.O.K. event must have have a parent or legal guardian sign a PARENTAL CONSENT, RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT.

If you are NOT the parent or legal guardian for the minor child, you must present a fully-completed (both sides) PARENTAL CONSENT, RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY,. ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT form. This form must have a notarized signature of the parent or legal guardian. PRINT THE FORM IN COLOR as that is the only way we will accept it. 

No Exceptions

Frequently Asked Questions About Minor Form

Q: Do I have to have one for every event we come to?


A: Yes. Each time you come to one of our events you must have a new form.


Q: We have minors that come with other people, such as friends or other family members. Are those people considered Legal Guardians? And can they fill out the Parental Consent?


A: A Legal Guardian is not a relative, or a friend of the family. A Legal Guardian is someone who has been officially appointed by the courts as the Legal Guardian of a particular minor. Therefore, Grandma or Grandpa, Uncle Bill, or their friend’s mom cannot legally sign a Parental Consent form. Do not allow this.


Q: A parent contacted us that can’t be at the event. What can we do to get the Parental Consent form signed?


A: A Parent or Legal Guardian can sign a Parental Consent prior to the event as long as it is printed in color, and is notarized. If it is not notarized, or is not in color, you cannot accept it nor can you allow the minor to enter your property.


Q: What happens if a minor comes with someone, or shows up by themselves, and we don’t have a notarized Parental Consent on file? Can someone else sign for them?


A: While we understand that it is an inconvenience, if a parent or legal guardian is not present, and there is not a Parental Consent form executed by the parent that has been notarized and